A Prayer to Cathy McMorris Rodgers for More Cake

by Kate Lebo

I admit I am not loyal.
That my womb moves and votes for the other guy.

That is my right, and my womb’s right, as I know
you’ll understand, personal responsibility

being so eminent among your concerns,
so important to us all, how we take care of ourselves

and then others, the burlap of our community
woven of such acts of self-preservation

before generosity. Cathy,(More …)


by Maxine Chernoff

“Daylight disbanded the phantom crew.” —Edith Wharton

The sentimental is a rumor,

inexorable memory

of cottonwood seed

left in its husk, of

a grief spent down to dust. (More …)

Territory of Men

by Jami Macarty

The café customer mutters a body part and a man’s name

Plastic lids startle

the floor’s scuffed wood

A man comes in

A man goes out

A window captures

the one looking in (More …)

As a Sentence Leaves Its Breath

by Brenda Hillman

—on a mountain top   in summer

wood splitting    on a finished tree,   —

ridges     of the swirls     in    a mirrorless day,

tall ants nearby—,     twin sides of alive:  so pattern recalls

how to cling    volute,    contingent, (More …)