Patrick O’Neil, writer, former artist, reluctant musician-San Franciscan, a holdover from the punk rock days of yesteryear. Still dressed in black with nowhere to go. Currently a student in Antioch University’s MFA program for creative writing, while moonlighting as a drug and alcohol counselor in a residential rehab to pay the bills. With a bit of trepidation he has begun the somewhat depressing and always tremulous process of submitting his writing for publication.

In answer to our question of why he writes, Patrick responded: “I write the noise that is a constant in my brain. I write what is uncomfortable. I am almost possessed. Just as before, when I was driven to create art and music, I now find myself strung-out on words, syntax and the need to put it all down on the page. Thank god for computers, spell check, and the final stages of a prolonged adolescence.”

His blog is Full Blue Moon Dementia.







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