David Warren grew up in the South drawing images inspired by the lake and forest near his home. Encouraged by his parents to pursue his dream of creating art, he attended classes at the Arkansas Arts Center museum school. He continued his education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock completing his undergraduate degree majoring in drawing and an MFA at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with an emphasis in printmaking.

David talks about his work :

As a young artist growing up in a rural setting, I was often dependent upon my surroundings and daydreams to take me to other more interesting places. The idea of a collective memory that is limitless intrigues me. Carl Jung defines a “prodigious” memory as “all psychic material that lies below the threshold of consciousness.”

By constantly grouping and regrouping thoughts and images, I create my own personal mythology. The various techniques of printmaking, drawing, painting, and combinations of all three are the mediums I use to express my dreams and ideas relating to my “prodigious” memory. The possibilities for exploration in this realm are endless.

More of David’s work can be viewed on the Arkansas Arts Registry web site. Please click here to view.







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