Cameron Kester

Cameron Kester studied studio art at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She graduated in 2018 with an interdisciplinary BFA. She is currently an MFA student at Washington State University and the Arts Curator for the Blood Orange Review. She served as the lead artist at the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) on Kadena Air Force Base (2019-2021), helping build the art programs for Exceptional Families stationed in Okinawa, Japan, as well as facilitating art classes for the USO and women’s support groups.


Artist Statement:

I am a foul-mouthed artist who absurdly, humorously, and often irreverently challenges concepts surrounding femininity and authority. My interdisciplinary practice is rooted in drawing and the representation of the female body. I utilize a variety of materials such as sequins, glitter, resin, and faux fur. My work is an indulgent expression of my own freedom, a pushback against the lingering constraints on the feminine experience, a way of granting myself permission to seek pleasure while thumbing my nose at the naysayers. I am interested in the relationships of aesthetics, prettiness, and visual pleasure to power, autonomy, and designing a liberated life.