From Left to Right: Installation of Offline, Blank Spot on the Map, and Dropped Pin, 4’x4,’ Acrylic on Panel, 2022
Meagan Marsh Pine

Meagan Marsh Pine is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work utilizes digital and traditional media to investigate the contemporary landscape. Meagan has exhibited nationally, including at Texas Tech University (TX), Soo Visual Arts Center (MN), Chase Gallery (WA), PAPA Projects (MN), and Gallery 263 (MA). They have been included in a number of national publications, most notably Witness, which is housed in the Museum of Modern Art’s Library, as well as other collections. They received their BA in Art and BA in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. They are currently an MFA candidate at Washington State University, Pullman.

Meagan is originally from Elk River, MN. They later moved to the Twin Cities and resided there for six years before moving to Eastern Washington, where they currently live with their partner.

Artist Statement:

"I work across a variety of disciplines, both traditional and digital, to call into question how landscape representation influences our interactions with the environment. My work looks critically at historical and contemporary representations of landscape such as the images made during the geological surveys of the West and contemporary tourist photography. I often look at surveillance-based imagery, contemporary mapping technologies, and found materials to consider and question the relationship between the digital and physical realities of our natural environment and how they intersect with each other. I utilize familiar materials and methodologies and arrange them to activate the uncanny, creating unsettling vignettes of an environment that is tentatively familiar, yet unstable, blurring the lines between the real and the facade. Each project usually contains a number of works, using a variety of material, that all speak to and reference one another. This process of approaching my subject matter in a variety of ways provides an organic model for the work to grow in new directions and lead to new projects."