bath, digital image, 2019
Mimi Allin

Mimi Allin is a performance artist and poet making work for camera, exploring contemporary 4th wave feminist themes, encompassing oppressed/oppressor dynamics, and exploring the relationship between contemporary discourses about landscape and the self’s internal processes. Walking, poetry, and ritual are recurrent themes in her work. She has twice crossed the Pacific Ocean by sailboat, has worked as a climbing ranger on Mt Rainier, served in the Peace Corps in Poland, taught Literature in Mongolia, and spent a month alone in a 14' boat in The Graveyard of the Pacific. Using few materials, often found objects, in open and urban landscapes, she creates movement performances for video. She also undertakes long, sometimes grueling, performance artworks. Her video art is currently on view at Punch Projects in Thorp WA (final show on Saturday 25 February).