Ray, Oil on Panel, 2020
Geodesical, Oil on Panel, 2021
Veronica Marshall

Statement on the Art:

Paintings Ray and Geodesical are part of a series called Failed Perspectives of Geometric Shapes. The title and paintings are meant to play with irony. As part of life in general, and as an artist, perspective can be handled in different ways, from the drawing board to convincing someone that what you see is right. As an artist, drawing in perfect perspective geometric shapes are some of the hardest challenges. In this painting, there are geometric shapes and nongeometric shapes. Take the first word—“failed.” Why does it belong in an art title? Perception is based on how we deal alone with the word “failed” versus “successful” in a conversive way. Is it a failed perspective when socially you cannot convince someone that your idea is right? From viewer to panel, from artist to panel, the message is not about failure or success or whether the artist herself can draw geometric shapes perfect. It’s about putting Failed Perspectives of Geometric Shapes together as one. That’s the magic of it. Veronica Marshall’s intention is to use nongeometric and geometric shapes together to harmonize and play with irony.

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