Being inquisitive as she is
Gorl set out to a neighbor planet to test out the will of her sheath.

Inquest of her quest, Gorl prioritized the fancy of her breast.
Hemorrhaging the Hum and Hemp
The honey of pleasure again.

An Ode to the Bee
And to the Keep

To test her sheath was to examine the myth of Leisure
For Leisure was once the site of abuse
That Gorl took upon herself to re-do

In the repeat, the breakdown of Leisure’s melody drew
Memories of millennia where Rest and Respect were each other’s blessed jests.

Such etchings of dawn, daybreak, sunset, and twilight blew another Sun awake.
Enough that together now, they taught her how to re-learn the power of rest.

In its Awe and duty, Gorl grew more emboldened by such Beauty.
It’s said that Beauty is Pain,

But sometimes Pain just wants to be brought along
For the ride
To the chorus
For its moment
To canary its consonances

To ergo the echo of scarred treasures
That color the cacophony that continue to

Croon Truth continuous.

Waterfalls of Light
Swim tail first coppering hey
To mists beholden from technique and lux.

In the golden lava Gorl remembers the stories of Home.

Long before the Seedlings taught her how to read
When they themselves were howling Trees

Millenium strong
Growing in directions they pleased

Way back, before the lore of War washed ashore
And took its threescore opera
While Gorl’s People took a knee
And prayed just to be

In an era of peace.
Where both Star and combat glitter
Just to be seen
By the litter of new cubs
Cupping breasts just to drink for the sake of the cheer.

Was it like this before or is this the goal?

Does Knowledge too encounter dysphoria
Forgetting its path Home
And can Knowledge trust vapor?

Questions that lead to doors
Captivate yet,

Gorl asks the Sycamores
To willow her Guardians in a bastion of Light
Amongst her neon Ancestors that glow in the Night
Raying the death of history to the afterlife.

Marking in Time
The moment of our story
Soiling dares salute
To the kindness of bearing fruit
That pollen pursuit to its roots

Soil and Home unforgotten.

Enshrined in its caroling observatory
Longing to unbind territory

To simply share Knowledge’s exploratory

Her Kin

And they too alike

Share with Knowledge the pulp and pin.
Wherein violence turns into a violin.

Cover art: “Red Climate” by J’Atelier9

Sundus Hassan Nooli

Sundus Hassan Nooli is a Somali-American poet, writer, and podcaster. She's published several podcasts and poems over the years. Currently, she's the poetry editor for Oxford Public Philosophy and is a MA creative writing student at Brunel University London.

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