Life Cycle of the Dragonfly

Before flight & bright water, this pixilate air―
splash-cast, unhatched, no glimpse of milk, just

one more dirt-poor palpi quivering in brindle.

As lowly yolk I hid scribbles inside other books.
As callow nymph stood upon the Roman pont,

cobbled streets, a vast sand dune, so many ruins
& squandered every moment, just like you. No matter.

Emergence is by far the older story: shed shell,
burst first breath. Instinct is our parent, too,

& motion: avalanche or nebulae in labor:

Put off the worm put on the dragonfly 
Put off the sycophant, put on the Oppressor!

From the Ganges emerge―
Like Hermes enter.


Cover Art by Stephanie Broussard

Amy Beeder

Amy Beeder’s third book, And So Wax Was Made & Also Honey, is recently out from Tupelo Press. A recipient of an NEA Fellowship, a Discovery/The Nation Award, and a James Merrill Fellowship, she has worked as a creative writing instructor, freelance writer, political asylum specialist, high school teacher in West Africa, and a human rights observer in Haiti and Suriname. Her work has appeared in Poetry, American Poetry Review, The Kenyon Review, The Nation, Ploughshares, AGNI, The Southern Review, and other journals.

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