Throw it on the fire, dear one. You won’t need it  
“no” or another negation. (I owe █████
I opened my eyes, and taxidermy was everywhere. 
“a death that won’t finish, a death that keeps dying.”
anything in particular, becomes universal. Whatever 
the remnants of death,” ██████████ says,
you do not have to resemble a sex organ. 
fragile arrangements, and knocking
FEAST on THEE…” Not only
hard and cold, and when he pushed
the way it distilled “that failure of trying
to be “positioned with intent”—to 
1.    Begin a sonnet
he tears himself in two. 

Cover art: “Herbs and Ceremonies” by Melissa Wabnitz Pumayugra

Tabitha Clara

tabitha clara is an emerging poet-barista-artist based in athens, georgia. their work focuses on queer ecosystems and creative communities, and can be found in journals such as ariadne magazine and stillpoint literary magazine. currently, they are developing their first full-length work, “the light leaves green in your eyes.”

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