Featured in Volume 13.2

Timothy Phillips

Timothy F. Phillips’ Naïve-style painting reflects the artist’s fascination with the simplicity of beauty in the world. Using brilliant saturated colors rather than subtle mixtures and tones, the artist gives the false impression of childlike simplicity in execution and vision. Though we can easily identify objects on the painting’s plane such as houses and birds, there is a feeling of absence in perspective which creates an illusion that these objects are floating in the painting’s space. Like other Naïve artists before him such as Andre Bauchant and Henri Rousseau Phillips, Phillips seeks to get away from what he sees as the insincere sophistication of art created within the traditional system and to present a playful, colorful, dreamlike reality. Each painting has a meaning, a memory, a favorite place the artist may have visited in childhood. Or simply a gaze into the distance. Timothy F. Phillips works have been purchased by private collectors and exhibited in galleries throughout the United States.

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