Dew On The Sea

Dew On the Sea by Claire Wahmanholm Star/savior is an infirm rhyme, but here:even the smallest music box will chimeif you place it all the way inside your ear.It’s like unfocusing your eyes to seethe nest snug within the burning wood;it’s like when the weather map pulses greenafter you look away from all that red;it’s like […]

Mickey Haist

Menu Current Volume Archive About Us Submit Categories Mickey Haist Haist came to visual arts in his mid-thirties, originally creating abstracts in pursuit of the therapeutic aspects of the process. Having worked through all his feelings, he has transitioned to representational pieces. He is now working on a new series organized around the idea of […]

Morgan Auten-Smith

Menu Current Volume Archive About Us Submit Categories Morgan Auten-Smith Morgan Auten is an abstract painter and elementary art teacher from northeast Georgia. She is an art educator with 12 years experience under her belt. Art education is not just a means to an end for Morgan, but also a passion. She loves teaching creativity […]

Keegan Baatz

Menu Current Volume Archive About Us Submit Categories Keegan Baatz Keegan Baatz is a photographer living in Pullman, Washington. He is currently working towards his MFA (Master of Fine Art) at Washington State University. He received his BFA from Black Hills State University in May of 2023. His work consists of portraiture, fine art, and […]

nothing is more sad than a waning moon

nothing is more sad than a waning moon by Sirka Elspass (transl. Anne-Sophie Balzer) nothing is more sad than a waning moon in dwindling candle light you write this to have a body means tremendous responsibility and no one is born knowing how it works   but someone has hung a flyer on the crescent  […]

The Cabinda spouses

The Cabinda spouses by Landa wo O mbé – dé 1 returned to life!O kuet – dé 2 who will protect us from lightning!If the bottom of the sea is luminous.Why does your dark eye not reflect a light of love? 1 The night hunter that kills the game for Cabinda villagers but is killed […]

Fears, Explained

Fears, Explained by Kayla Jessop After A. Papatya Bucak’s “I Cannot Explain My Fear”   I have a fear of spiders, snakes, and bees. At my favorite brunch spot downtown, a bee kept flying around my head even after I wished it away. It landed in my mimosa moments later and drowned in the sweet […]

In Eternal

In Eternal by Lauren O’Donoghue Mary stands by the window, her fingers making cat’s cradles in the air. It is a winter afternoon, and the light is pale. It rimes the floral-patterned bedlinen, the hem of her long camel coat. There are water spots on the mirror. She would like to give the place a […]

Kaddish 9

Kaddish 9 by Daniela Naomi Molnar                                                 below the quick ]                                            […]

Kaddish 2

Please View this Poem on a Desktop Kaddish 2 by Daniela Naomi Molnar Let the rhyming, dying dream              carve a tunnel in your trachea                                            for breath then name  […]