Dew On The Sea

Dew On the Sea by Claire Wahmanholm Star/savior is an infirm rhyme, but here:even the smallest music box will chimeif you place it all the way inside your ear.It’s like unfocusing your eyes to seethe nest snug within the burning wood;it’s like when the weather map pulses greenafter you look away from all that red;it’s like […]

nothing is more sad than a waning moon

nothing is more sad than a waning moon by Sirka Elspass (transl. Anne-Sophie Balzer) nothing is more sad than a waning moon in dwindling candle light you write this to have a body means tremendous responsibility and no one is born knowing how it works   but someone has hung a flyer on the crescent  […]

The Cabinda spouses

The Cabinda spouses by Landa wo O mbé – dé 1 returned to life!O kuet – dé 2 who will protect us from lightning!If the bottom of the sea is luminous.Why does your dark eye not reflect a light of love? 1 The night hunter that kills the game for Cabinda villagers but is killed […]

Kaddish 9

Kaddish 9 by Daniela Naomi Molnar                                                 below the quick ]                                            […]

Kaddish 2

Please View this Poem on a Desktop Kaddish 2 by Daniela Naomi Molnar Let the rhyming, dying dream              carve a tunnel in your trachea                                            for breath then name  […]

I licked a leaf

I licked a leaf by Ron Antonucci You think me mad but licking a leaf is the least of it.   I could tell you about the smell of a hummingbird’s wing. I could describe the sound of a rock as it cracks in its growing.I have witnessed the drip and streak of stars as […]

And After, No One Lowered Their Flag

And After, No One Lowered Their Flag by Matthew Williams Shift in the viscera’s tectonics. Your body was to be as any other glass chapel in a fracturing land: code blue, cold lips the color of early light at dawn. Yes, it seems, even in death, some part of us succumbs to American pageantry: the […]

Away We Go

Away We Go by Claire Wahmanholm My question for love is this: how do I livethis way. Which way does the breath go. Which waythe blood as it runs. If I am alive and in love, how long will it hurt. Away we go, I say, climbing into the boat I did not make but every […]

Afterbirth (fiction)

Afterbirth (fiction) by Rachel Stempel Today’s horoscope told me it’s okay to lie.It’s not that I need permission but I need something. (Apparently this is self-sabotage. Or, at least, the reek of desperation.) Last night the way the hallway backlit her bedhead turned me—I don’t want to hurt you, really, but I don’t care if […]

i have two DNAs one belongs to my old

i have two DNAs one belongs to my old by Romana Iorga self the other one is my sister’si don’t know how to write about illnessi write about fall fever & hopesomeone would read between the linesthere usually was someone who would check my pulse draw blood hookme up to an IV change my bedsheetswash […]