volume 16.1

Ron Antonucci, Briel Felton, Romana Iorga, Daniela Naomi Molnar, Claire Wahmanholm, Sirka Elspass, Rachel Stempel, Matthew Williams, Landa wo, Anuradha Kumar, Wendy Fontaine, Abby McCord, Kara Jessop


Ron Antonucci
You think me mad but licking a leaf is the least of it.
Sirka Elspass and
Anne-Sophie Balzer
nothing is more sad than a waning moon
Briel Felton
Even the yellowjackets are confused.
Romana Iorga
self the other one is my sister's
Claire Wahmanholm
Star/savior is an infirm rhyme, but here: even the smallest music box will chime
Briel Felton
I bought the green carton of Newports. Lit one to time it and gave the rest to someone in need
Daniela Noami Molnar
Let the rhyming, dying dream carve a tunnel in your trachea for breath
Rachel Stempel
Today’s horoscope told me it’s okay to lie. It’s not that I need permission but I need something.
Claire Wahmanholm
My question for love is this: how do I live this way. Which way does the breath go.
Matthew Williams
Shift in the viscera’s tectonics. Your body was to be as any other glass chapel in a fracturing land
Landa wo
O mbé - dé returned to life! O kuet - dé who will protect us from lightning!


Anuradha Kumar
The day Mother was not waiting for us when we returned from school at our usual time, I knew she had gone to meet the man.
Lauren O'Donoghue
Mary stands by the window, her fingers making cat's cradles in the air. It is a winter afternoon, and the light is pale


Wendy Fontaine
When the Head Start teacher reported my daughter’s trouble with routine eye exams, I shook my head. My child, age three, could see just fine.
Kayla Jessop
I have a fear of spiders, snakes, and bees. At my favorite brunch spot downtown, a bee kept flying around my head even after I wished it away.
Abby McCord
There’s a delicate painting of koi fish on the porcelain bottle my mom pours her sake from.