Anne-Sophie Balzer

Anne-Sophie Balzer is a poet, journalist, translator, and PhD candidate in English Literature from Germany. She graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin, worked as a journalist for some years, then exchanged her career in Berlin for rural farm-life in Norway. Her plan to become an agrarian-poet and environmentalist, basically a modern Wendell Berry, didn’t quite work out in the end. What remained of this life is her persistent fondness for birds and composting, and for making her own yoghurt. Anne-Sophie lives and works in Germany but spent the fall semester of 2023 as a Fulbright visiting researcher at WSU. Her PhD is called Writing with Glaciers and interrogates contemporary North-American poetry about glaciers and the cryosphere. Poems of hers have appeared in Plant-Human Quarterly, Amberflora, Maiden Magazine, and Tilted House Review.

Instagram: @cryopoesis