RED CLIMATE, Acrylic Paint, Spackle, Repurposed Mixed Media, Reclaimed Cardboard, Ephemera, Newsprint, 30“L X 25.5“H, 2022

Artisan Crafted Creator, J’Atelier9/J’A9 (@jatelier9) emerged after her Los Angeles-based visionary founder, Janine Tang, began her movement towards a "circular environment" philosophy by sourcing reclaimed materials into her sustainable fine arts.

J’A9 reshapes the transcendent beauty of innovative repurposing in her practice, allowing her art to transform into an unconventional vessel. She juxtaposes the dichotomy of consumerism against responsible adaptive reuses of reclaimed materials while enhancing the trajectory of repurposing.

Many of the selectively curated eco-conscious materials utilized in her works have an inherent patina, imperfection, and rawness. Her environmental contribution is commingled into her narrative.

Artisan hand reconstructed, they merge into an insightful tapestry of ethereal, unconventional, whimsical, and sustainability. She experiments with a mixture of flat color palettes, textures, layers, and forms while swirling bold hues of expansive contrast, mood, and technique.

J’A9 translates the interconnectedness of the world through her works by highlighting society’s sensationalism of media, global discourse, planet preservation, glorification of materialism, relatable human experiences, and complex facets of duplicity.

She dissects aspects of societal conditioning and programming within the matrix while creating a wondrous majestic world of optimism and reflection. Such liberations are expressed yet interpreted through the beholder.

Her feature interview this past October with Creative Magazine: expands on her environmental responsibility within her artisan craft. J’A9 was selected as the top finalist internationally in two categories for the Touch of Blue Expo. Currently, her works will be on exhibition at Huntington Beach Art Center on Jan 28, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023. Her artwork is scheduled for exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum on Jun 15, 2023.

Instagram:, @jatelier9

RED CLIMATE explores the environmental impact of societal consumerism juxtaposed against a climate set to hit past red line. The layers of saturated vivid color schemes convey a sense of freedom against the chaos and noise of popular sentiment. With much confusion, disagreement, and controversy on global warming & climate deterioration, the free forms shift with the passage of time to offer a time of reflection. With the glorified materialism and consumption of goods, society is often conflicted with hypocrisy amidst contradictions within the matrix.