Infrared Dreams 3, IR digital image, 13" x 19", 2023
Jason St. Clair

Jason St Clair is an American artist born on February 19, 1976, in Panama City, Florida. Known for his captivating work in infrared photography, Jason's artistic style can be described as New Topography, creating otherworldly and ethereal landscapes. His primary focus lies in uncovering the hidden aspects of our surroundings, unveiling the beauty that often goes unnoticed.
Jason holds a BFA in Studio Art Photography and a BFA in New Media Communications, providing a solid foundation for his artistic exploration. Influenced by the works of Richard Mosse, Patrick Desgraupes, and Simon Marsden, Jason has developed a unique artistic process. By utilizing infrared and UV filters, he distorts visual reality, creating mesmerizing images that evoke wonder, awe, and a sense of finding hidden beauty within us all.