Nothingness Won't Judge
Paint, thread, and polyurethane on canvas
8" back wrapped hoop – 2022
Meri Sawatzky

Meredith (Meri) Sawatzky is a multidisciplinary artist who resides in Sooke on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Their range of works consists of fibre arts, murals, paintings, and soft sculptures with a multi-media twist. Working without limitations and with many mediums is what evolves their work and attracts their viewers. For Meri, the act of creating began simply as a means of release but has evolved into a limitless desire to express their own obsession with the dream state, skepticism of “reality,” and wonder of the infinite.

Meri has been featured in several hotels, galleries, and online platforms. Most recently, they were featured and interviewed by QuinBlog in 2022. Previous to that, their work had been featured in exhibitions such as at the Canvas Gallery and Salon Curation (Buffalo, NY) in 2021, Gallery 623 (Cambridge, MS) in 2020, and at the Sooke Fine Arts Show (Sooke, BC) in 2018. Their work is also publicly on display in hotels and resorts in both Canada and in the United States.