Briel Felton

Briel Felton was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. She received her BA in English from Old Dominion University and her MFA in Creative Writing from Cornell University. Her poems have appeared in various publications including Laurel Moon, Firewords, Rigorous, and the Barely South Review. She is also a librettist creating the libretto for A Midsummer Night's Musicale and A Sermon on the Mount with composer John Bunge which premiered in Ithaca, NY. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Library and Information Studies at ODU and will be graduating in May of 2024. When she is not writing she is rereading A Rock Against the Wind, an anthology of Black love poems, over and over again, thrifting and trying to find places for all the clothes in her closet, or picking up a new crafting hobby (this week she is into making beaded bracelets).

Twitter: @brickhouse6000
Instagram: @brieljfelton