A Coming Out Poem that Ends in Joy


On the other side
of my Nana’s kitchen window,

hummingbirds sip nectar
from a trumpet vine

and I know her forest-yard keeps her
sane in seasons when surprises

pile up in the sink like spoons
and when I finally say it,

it is long after the hydrangeas
turn paper white, drop to dirt.

She tells me she saw a mama deer
birth twin fawns last week,

that she calls them sweetie—
that she knew the whole time.


Cover Art: Way to my Heart London, by Kateryna Bortsova

Kristin Entler

Kristin Entler was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at six months old, and first came out as LGBT+ several years after her diabetes diagnosis at twelve years old. She currently serves as Poetry Editor for NELLE and lives with her dog service-dog-in-training, Azzie, whose name is short for the Greek God of Medicine. Entler can be found in publications such as The Bitter Southerner, Hobart, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, and Poet Lore among others, as well as on twitter @findmycure.

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