Michelangelo Dreams of Fish

or, Natal-Biography Through Synonyms

A metaphor : a ball of jelly floating
in a dark bathtub : it reassembles
& resembles : a lizard curled: a tin
can’s seashell rings : it resembles
a confusion : a confusion : lost X :
hate the blood cell that asks : Y? :

doctors study : Why? : an essay :
my mother worries an envelope :
(boy) baby names : starve together :
just starve: a swelling : c-section
ripening: wasp egg: a fig’s 750 buds : 

rush : nectar : cytoplasm : sea water
chiseling marbled salt : Michelangelo
dreams of fish : swirling down a drain
into the hum of the Mediterranean sea
reborn : humming womb : armored half
-moon scales : drifting near metaphor.

Cover art: “They had me transfixed” by Holly Willis

Cecilia Morris

Cecilia Mary Morris (they/she) is a queer & non-binary writer currently living Syracuse, NY. Their work is concerned with trans bodies, fertility, grief, and the natural world. Ms. Morris particularly enjoys exploring different forms of poetry, making their work queer in shape and content. Their work can also be seen in The Allegheny Review and TRANSformations: A Genderqueer Zine.