Today i am thankful for morning frost
touched by sunlight and sparkling

on lawns and fields       I am thankful too
for you and the warmth provided to my feet

inside ordinary socks and shoes and the way
the music of your voice enters my ears

and warms my heart leaving this planet of ours
spinning (if only slightly) more easily;

and i will consider how the world is good
difficult and good and how a lifetime

is both too short and too long
and how the injured heart cannot heal but

as researchers in Sweden have discovered
the muscle of our disadvantaged organ also can

and does slowly replenish itself      Today
when the bigness of the sky asks whoever

is standing beneath it are you ready
the gray trees drowsing and temporarily losing

the last of their burnt sienna leaves will say yes
and you will say yes and i will say yes too


Cover Art by Jack Freedman

Nathan Spoon
Nathan Spoon

Nathan Spoon is an autistic poet with learning disabilities whose poems appear or are forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Columbia Journal, The Cortland Review, and Poetry. He is the author of the debut collection, Doomsday Bunker, and editor of Queerly.

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