Water on the stairwell. Another name for rain
in the sunshine. Blindfolded ballroom
on a fault line. Swallowing. Another name
for covert anger: trees splitting
in the sunshine. Violins in buckets of salt-
water. A silent tongue with a spring:
another name for overt anger. Splitting
knuckles into thunderheads. Myth of power-
lessness: water down a tongue 
to erase fault lines. Strings of swallowtails
descending, loud as thunder. Myth of rain:
a stairwell that never stops running.

Cover art: “Feather Kaleidoscope” by Augustina Droze

Alyssa Froehling

Alyssa Froehling received her MFA from Ohio State in 2021 and her poems appear in Black Warrior Review, Puerto Del Sol, The Pinch, and elsewhere.