Rashad Ali Muhammad

Rashad Ali Muhammad is a multidisciplinary collage artist known for creating vivid and captivating works reflecting the vast complexities of our human existence. With a formal graphic design and photography education, Muhammad blends his acquired skills to create art that fascinates and expands the mind. His love for innovation and continued experimentation fuels his whimsical and enchanting artistic sensibilities. He works primarily in mixed media analog and digital collage. For him, collage combines intention, investigation, and invention, dissecting established references and reassembling them to create new compelling visions. The limitless opportunities to incorporate unconventional elements fulfill his passion for exploration and continued learning.

Muhammad's ongoing journey to expand his emotional intelligence ignited his desire to explore the intricacies of the human experience — the expansive intersections that shape our lives and how we can relate to each other beyond the surface. As a queer, gender-nonconforming person of the African diaspora, he resonates with the ability to deconstruct and reform reality — a method of thinking and creation that can counter society’s hierarchies and binaries. Through his art, he cultivates open space for healing and rejuvenation from our chaotic world — where individuals can explore their authenticity through self-love, vulnerability, and connection.

Muhammad is a resident artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. His art has been exhibited extensively throughout the Washington Metropolitan area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) with various national and international exposures.

Website: www.ramcreates.com
Instagram: @ramcreates